how AI Job coaching works
Job interview coach is cutting edge but still simple and easy to use coaching platform
Plan coaching sessions
It couldn't be simpler to have an expert design a plan for your growth.
Plan job interviews coaching sessions
Coaching plans
Let AI create personalized coaching plans tailored just for you, based on your skill level, the job role you want, and the specific industry you're interested in.
Full calatogue
Explore our extensive catalog of job interviews, covering everything from initial interviews to in-depth behavioral discussions and salary negotiations.
Interview specific coaching
With our platform, managing your job interview schedule becomes a breeze! Our AI provides a tailored, quick refresher designed specifically for each session.
Practice with AI Coach
Practice with AI coach
Real voice conversation
Experience a Zoom-like live discussion with a job interview coach! It's just like having a real interview with an actual interviewer.
Real coach at fraction of the cost
Experience genuine coaching at a fraction of the cost! Our solution is on par with, or even better than, traditional coaching methods.
Coaching benefits
Real experience
Experience engaging mock job interviews from the comfort of your home.
Industry specific interviews
Improve your job interview skills
It couldn't be simpler to receive expert guidance for your personal growth!
Review job interview answers
Every answer you provide is instantly evaluated according to the content of your response, the emotions expressed, the rhythm of your speech, and the tone of your voice.
AI Feedback to the interview
The GPT-4 algorithm takes into account the entire interview and provides you with unbiased feedback on how to enhance your performance.
On device AI algorithms
Throughout the coaching, on-device AI algorithms examine your voice and responses.
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Every Answer Examined
GPT-4 is skillfully examining each response that you provide and offers a comprehensive analysis of your voice.
Keep track of your overall growth over time. Discover questions and topics where you need to enhance your understanding.
Use job interview trainer to prepare for your next job interview!
One experience is worth thousand words!