unique Coaching Technology

Here's a quick look at the methods and techniques I use during the coaching process.
Speech recognition
Your answers are effortlessly analyzed by a voice recognition program operating on your device. By examining the transcript, we're able to evaluate your responses for each question individually.
For instance, we could determine if your response to the question 'what is your desired salary' was brief or detailed. With the proper words and recommendations for adjustments, we can guide you to enhance your answers.
Voice cadence analysis
We evaluate the speed at which you talk and the time it takes for our algorithm to identify your initial word.
In an interview, it's important to present yourself as a reliable individual with whom the interviewer can connect. Speaking at the right pace and offering context to your responses is essential. Thus, we assess the words per minute and the time to the first word.
Sentiment analysis
A candidate's attitude is examined using machine learning to evaluate the tone of a speech recognition transcript.
Maintaining a positive attitude is an excellent sign that you will be a valuable addition to the team. However, there are instances when a different tone is required. It's important to remember that not everything has been positive in the past. We will help you in selecting the appropriate words to emphasize the significance of your message.
Voice pitch analysis
Voice pitch analysis is a tool that studies your vocal frequencies in real time, keeping track of any changes in the pitch of your voice.
Some people have flat voices and lack the right intonation. Our goal is to help you visualize and enhance the tone of your vocal presentation.
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