Describe a situation where you had to lead a team to success.

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Example of a good response to this question: When I was working as a project manager at my previous company, I was tasked with leading a team of five employees in developing and launching a new product. I was responsible for managing the timeline, budget, and resources, and ensuring that the project remained on track. I was also responsible for providing guidance and direction to my team to ensure success. To ensure success, I held weekly team meetings to discuss any issues and progress. I delegated tasks to each team member, assigning specific responsibilities to each person. I also provided regular feedback to ensure that everyone was on track and that the project was following the timeline. I also created a rewards system to incentivize progress and hard work. Thanks to all of this, the project was completed ahead of schedule, within the budget, and with a high level of quality. This success was largely due to my ability to lead and motivate my team, and I am proud of the work that we accomplished.
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Team management
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