How would you describe your leadership style? Tell us about a time you had to shift your style due to unexpected circumstances. For example tight deadlines or high turnover rate

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My leadership style can best be described as collaborative and results-oriented. My focus is on working closely with my team and building a strong relationship with them to ensure we are working towards the same goal. I believe that communication and understanding are essential for successful collaboration. When facing unexpected circumstances, such as tight deadlines or high turnover rate, I have had to shift my style to ensure that the team can still accomplish its goals. To do this, I prioritize and delegate tasks efficiently, as well as provide clear direction to the team. I am also willing to take on tasks or roles that are outside of my normal responsibilities in order to help the team meet its goals. For example, when I was in a previous role, our team was faced with a tight deadline and a high turnover rate. To make sure this project was successful, I had to be very organized in delegating tasks and providing clear direction to the team. I also had to take on tasks outside of my normal responsibilities, such as setting up systems to track progress and making sure that everyone was on the same page. By doing this, I was able to ensure that the project was completed on time and with the desired results. I believe that this experience showed me the importance of being
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