Tell me about a time your manager wasn't satisfied with the results of your work. How did you discuss the issues and what did you do differently the next time?

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When responding to this question, it is important to focus on the positive and show that you learn from mistakes. I once worked on a project for my manager that didn't turn out as expected. When I presented the results to my manager, they were not happy with the outcome. We discussed the issues together, and I took responsibility for the mistakes I had made. I then took the time to go over the project with my manager step-by-step, so I could understand where I had gone wrong. I was able to identify my mistakes and take action to ensure that I wouldn't make the same mistakes again. I also asked for feedback from my manager, so I could make sure I was on the right track. The next time I worked on a similar project, I was able to apply the new knowledge I had gained and I was able to deliver a successful outcome.
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Interaction with manager
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120 seconds
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