Tell me about a time your team didn't meet a goal. How did you give feedback to your team members and how did you present the situation to your manager?

How to answer this question

When delivering a response to this question, it is best to provide a detailed example of a situation in which your team did not meet a goal. Provide as many details about the situation as possible, including the goal itself, the timeline for completing the goal, any obstacles your team faced, and the final outcome. When discussing how you gave feedback to your team members, explain the methods you used to do so. For example, did you provide constructive criticism in person, over the phone, or via email? Did you offer individual feedback or group feedback? Finally, when discussing how you presented the situation to your manager, explain how you communicated the issue, as well as any solutions you proposed. Additionally, outline any feedback or guidance you received from your manager in response to the situation.
Question category
Team management
Ideal response duration
40 seconds
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