What did you like most about your previous role?

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When asked what I liked most about my previous role, I can honestly say I enjoyed it for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I was given the opportunity to develop my skillset in a professional and highly supportive environment. Every day brought with it a new challenge and I was able to expand my knowledge and hone my skills while learning something new. I was also able to work with a team of dedicated and capable colleagues, which was a great experience. In addition to the learning opportunities, I was also able to work independently and be given the freedom to come up with creative solutions to problems. Being given the trust to do this was extremely rewarding and gave me the confidence to take on any challenge that came my way. At the same time, I also had the chance to take on additional responsibilities and take ownership of projects. This enabled me to learn more about the company and the industry, as well as further develop my own problem-solving skills. Finally, I would also say that I enjoyed the people I worked with. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and I had the chance to build strong relationships with my colleagues, which I found to be both enjoyable and beneficial. Overall, my previous role was a great experience and I am
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